Prepare HVAC System for Fall

How to prepare HVAC System for Fall

The summer in Winnipeg is over! It’s time to pack away your shorts and T-shirts, sandals, and blow up your pools. 

The leaves are turning color, so you know what that means, autumn is coming, and with it, cooler weather. This also means it is time to use your heating system, rather than the AC and prepare your furnace for the heavy workload of the winter. Here are a few steps to prep your HVAC system.


Check, Clean, or Replace your air filters

Is an easy and inexpensive task that you can accomplish on your own without a professional. A clean filter will help to heat or cool your home much more efficiently than a dirty one. Ideally, you should replace a filter every 90 days. By doing this regularly you could reduce 5-10 percent of your monthly energy bill and also improve your HVAC system.


Schedule a professional HVAC check-up

Having your system regularly HVAC maintained ensures that it’s always running at its full potential, and it also extends the unit’s life.

For example, during an HVAC inspection, a technician will Identify damaged parts, ensure the wiring is safe and the electrical connection tight. Check-ups will catch problems and will avoid emergencies before they develop into costly breakdowns.

So, schedule a Fair Service Heating & Air Conditioning professional to come and check out your system, to ensure everything is running smoothly.


Test your heating before you need it

It’s always a good idea to do a small test run on your heating systems before they will be running all the time. 

Turn on the heating system. Do not be alarmed by a burning smell because this is normal as dust burns that have settled after months of not being used. If the temperature rises quickly to the temperature you set and heats the room, you know it’s working. Test it a few times over the course of a couple of days to make sure it’s reliable.

If the heat does not come on, contact a Fair Service Heating & Air Conditioning professional.


It may be Time for an Upgrade

If you think that it’s time to upgrade your heating and/or cooling units, many HVAC professionals say that fall is the best time to do it, because contractors aren’t as busy as they were in the summer.

If your furnace is 15+ years old, runs more than it should or doesn’t turn on, sounds strange, slow to start, or smells stinky, then you might need a furnace repair! 

A new efficient system not only ensures your safety and health, but it can also significantly reduce your energy bills! Call us today at 204-221-8070  for all your heating and cooling repair and upgrade needs!!!



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